About the Harvard Club of Phoenix


Although Harvard's roots in central and northern Arizona stretch back at least 100+ years to Percival Lowell and his Flagstaff Observatory, the Harvard Club of Phoenix was officially founded in 1942.  Prior to that time, only one Harvard alumni organization existed in the state – the Harvard Club of Arizona.  The Club held meetings in Tucson to accommodate the majority of its members.  Because of the difficulties encountered in traveling during World War II, Archdeacon J. Rockwood Jenkins ’91 suggested formation of a separate club in Phoenix.  The alumni in the Salt River Valley then organized the Harvard Club of Phoenix.  The group headquartered in Tucson subsequently became the Harvard Club of Southern Arizona.

Today, the legacy continues with a wide variety of activities designed to capture members’ interests and contribute to the community. Programs include community service, regular socializing and networking, academic lectures, cultural events, and opportunities to create friendships here in the greater Phoenix area. Our membership is a diverse and fascinating group from all ages, professions, and schools of Harvard.


Past Presidents of the Harvard Club include:

Doris Huang, AB

Maria Syms, HKS

Olivia Verma Smith AB '00, MBA '05

Anand Acharya, AB '99

Ellen Schulz, AB '79, ALM '20, ALM'24

J. Scott Backes, GSD '13
Rebecca Hoffman, AB '06
Bishara Bahbah, PhD.'87
Terah Crews, GSE '11  
Steven J. Kruczek, AB ’01
Bradley Gronek, ALM ’05
Alexis Glascock, AM '85
Katherine Widland Gallego AB '04
H. John Simon, AB '83
Christy Atler, MTS '98
J. Rockwood Jenkins, AB’91
Thomas O. Sylvester, III, AB’80
Charles Case, AB’69  
Gordon Marks, AB ’69
Raymond Peters, AB’69
David Victor, AB ’64  
Margaret Craig Chrisman, EdM’58
Lawrence L. Pavilack, AB ’57
Jerome L. Froimson, JD ’56
William Ginalski, AB ’56
John S. Amory, Jr, AB ’55
Richard H. Wohl, AB ’55, MD’59
Paul Zatulove, AB ’53
Calvin Holman, AB ’52
Richard G. Kleindienst, AB ’47, LLB’50
Bernard G. LeBeau, MBA ’50
Joseph M. Wogan, AB ’50
Robert H. Allen, LLB ’49
Robert M. Gray, AB ’48
John C. Entz, IA ’42  
Louis McClennen, AB’34, LLB’37
Jackson Hoagland, MBA ’32
Avery F. Olney, EdM ’31