If you are a graduate of a Harvard school, please consider leading the alumni community by building or starting a SIG. 

                     Here are some SIG options happening in our area:    

                      Alumnae-i Network for Harvard Women
                      Our largest SIG to date. Join the Phoenix Chapter!  
                      Contact Ellen or Sapna, anhw.arizona@gmail.com and harvardclubofphoenix@gmail.com

                       Harvard in Tech
                        Join the leadership in Phoenix!
                       Here's the national website: http://www.harvardintech.com/
                       Board building now: harvardclubofphoenix@gmail.com

                       Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs
                       Here's the national site: https://www.harvardae.org/
                       Join the board of the local chapter: harvardclubofphoenix@gmail.com

                       Harvard Black Alumni Society
                       Power our group: harvardclubofphoenix@gmail.com

                       Harvard Alumni in Mental Health  
                      There is a nationwide call for officers of this meaningful group: harvardmentalhealthsig@gmail.com
                       Start a local chapter: harvardclubofphoenix@gmail.com

                       First Generation Harvard Alumni
                       Be a Mentor: FGHAmentorship@gmail.com
                       Our group: harvardclubofphoenix@gmail.com

                       Join today!  Harvard Club of Phoenix will support these SIGs through resources and budget.