Donations and involvement

Thank you for supporting our club by being a member.  Membership is most important for our efforts to provide support for alumni, current students, and to share the gift of our education by engaging with the community. Growing membership in a growing town puts us on the map with HAA.   (Yes, $50 is a lot for an individual membership, but you'll get what you put into it, and we want your help.  When you sign up for your membership, you will be given the option to make donations in the area of your choosing.

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The following are areas that can use help, including volunteer hours:

1. Summer Community Fellowship Program

Our newer initiatives, following President Bacow's movement to make a Harvard degree mean experience in the real world, involve funding undergraduates working on a project in Phoenix through the partial benefices of Harvard College's Office of Student Engagement out of Phillips Brooks House.  We dub this our "Summer Fellows" program.  It's fun and we recommend getting involved.  This program can really use contributions of money or expertise. 

2. Club Archiving and History of Harvard Club of Arizona from its Inception 

We are nearing the point of historic documents being lost or destroyed from neglect or bad storage.  Ancient banners, records, and the like need inventory.  Taking a history from old former presidents would be a great idea.  

3. Early College Awareness Program

We use money to buy snacks for the children on the day they hear about the near dream of higher education and why pursuing it is good for most, including in job acquisition.  It would be possible to expand this program to 'Early Career Awareness,' so if you are a high tech company, consider donating an light internship or tour.  

4. Harvard Issues Forum

We would use money to pay for larger venues, provide refreshments, and pay expenses for volunteer speakers who travel to our group.  Do you have an auditorium we can use?  


Join Harvard Club of Phoenix, to help support our charitable outreach.  You don't need to receive emails or show up at events if you don't want to.