2021 business blowout at hcphx

Economic Development, Industry Birth and Maturation, Profit Maximization and You

Two Stellar HBS Scholars Weigh In on Forward Paths

January 7, 2021 5pm - HBS DBA Jonathan Brynes of MIT

January 12, 2021 7pm - HBS MBA William C Boor of Cavco Industries, Inc, Phx (Nasdaq)

As the idea of an "open economy" takes new meaning for individuals and employers, what are examples of thinking about the immediate future and years ahead?  Harvard Club of Phoenix is delighted to announce two January presentations designed to bring together thoughtful moneymakers on how business and profit is changing.  See the individual Event entries on legendary Havard DBA Jonathan Brynes (Thursday, January 7th 5pm) and manufactured housing entrepreneur William Boor (January 12th 7pm).