harvard college Undergraduate 'admit' Welcome


  HCPhx welcomes those heading through the gates of Harvard Yard  

We invite new admits to all schools to become part of our club, which dedicates itself to serving the local community as much as providing fellowship for those who have thrived at Harvard and brought their lives and careers here.  An important part of our mission is to support young people heading out from Phoenix to student life at the oldest university in the country.  Ideally, we would ask new students to attend the ANNUAL DINNER May 15, 2020 as guests of the club.  We would happily have coordinated with parents and family, who also be invited!  HOWEVER, Harvard University policy in response to COVID 19 guides us to welcome you by way of this website.  Thank you for your interest in this place to study, and for being willing to send hard-won dollars to this place for your education.  

Another smaller scale current-students reception was planned for the summer.  Likely it will not happen because of these prudent anti-gathering policies.  The club wants to support you without being annoying.  Look for Global Networking Night upon return to Phoenix in January  2021.  Look for the Summer Fellows opportunities supervised by Harvard Yard's Phillips Brooks House, which provide a very significant stipend to students wanting to make a difference in their own community. 

We say "postponed" above but there is no known future date.  Good luck in your studies.