HarvardX in Phoenix! - Neuroscience with David Cox & discussion lead by ASU's Dr. Jason Scott Robert

A discussion group for the Harvard Alumni Association's groundbreaking HarvardX program

If there is one thing we all have in common as alumni, it is our love of learning.  That is why the Harvard Alumni Association has developed HarvardX for Alumni, a few short course selections from the larger HarvardX offering exclusively for alumni.  As a part of Harvard’s foray into online education, this is an opportunity for us all to take part in one of the most groundbreaking revolutions in learning since John Harvard first donated his books.   

Of the seven short courses offered exclusively to alumni, we will be covering Neuroscience with David Cox.  During the event,  Bioethicist Dr. Jason Scott Robert, Dean's Distinguished Professor in Life Sciences at ASU, will join us to lead a discussion of the current state of Neuroscience and how far our understanding has evolved from the Phineas Gage experiments of the 1850's to current efforts in real time brain imaging and beyond.   

Feel free to register online and view any or all of the courses at your leisure.  We will also provide a viewing of the course during the event.

 This will be in informal pot-luck style event, so feel free to bring some beverages (wine and beer are fine) or hors d’oeuvres to fuel the conversation. 

Please RSVP to Brad Gronek (
bgronek@gronek.net) by sending an email including your name and number of guests.

We encourage you to join the Harvard Club in order to support our activities (and will do so at the event as well!); however, there is no charge for attending this event.


When:  Sunday, September 7, 2014 3:00 - 6:00 pm

Where: The Home of Brad and Erika Gronek (map)

RSVP:    RSVP to Brad Gronek (bgronek@gronek.net